Welcome to my gaming blog

Administrator here, I started this gaming blog on 8.2.2020, my plan is to write reviews of games on PC and PS4(may add PS5 in the future) and some feature articles that you might be interested. In the meantime, I will try to find some game guides(or write some by myself) which can help you to pass the game. I will also collect some videos like soundtracks and walkthrough and release them on blog. You can always leave comments to tell me what kind of articles or resources you need or particular games you want me to review.

As a college student, I want to take building and running a gaming blog as the chance to improve my abilities of managing, writing, communicating and other useful skills, so it should be easier for me to find a job or start my own career after graduation.

I’m a game lover, though not a game researcher, and English is also not my native language, so my articles might have mistakes about games or poor vocabularies and grammars, I’d be appreciate if you can point them out, both leaving comments or sending emails to tell me are fine.

Here’s my email address: gamerfortressvash@gmail.com, I also welcome any good ideas that can help me to make this blog better or anyone who has interests in building a blog.