Game publisher CFK and game developer Ateroid-J announced that Cyberpunk style ninja act game Ninja Issen will release on Steam and Switch in 2021.

The total style of Ninja Issen might remind players of classic scroll action games. And according to the trailer video, it did well on reduction of classic styles.

Cyberpunk background+Super ctions+Ninja elements

Ninja Issen is developed by Asteroid-J. It’s a game featuring a super ninja’s action adventure in the cyberpunk world.

Cleanse your crimes, save the princess, and the time travel

Play as a framed ninja. You didn’t save the princess, the only person who can help you to recover the honor. The ninja and the princess both lost in another alien world. Now you standing at the center of city, surrounded by neon lights and holograms. You must defeat the mysterious enemies and find the princess, save her and return to your homeland.

Unleash you super ninja power in combats

In Ninja Issen, the offense is the best defense. You can land on your enemies and cut them down. Use katana, shuriken, and ninjutsu to unleash your ninja power. You will be tested in endless battles, and you have to split your way through the enemy like a striking thunder.

Take quick actions against your enemies

You must take advantage of everything you have to deal with the powerful enemies. Find your chance under the fierce attacks from giant enemies. As the game’s name Ninja Issen suggests, fight with a way of “Issen”, rapid and deadly. Sting them like a flying bee and defeat them completely.

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