Resident Evil 8 is the latest sequel of Resident Evil series. According to official screenshots and videos, it seems like this Resident Evil 8 is similar to the classic RE 4. They are both set in a village where far from civilizations, and the main character has a duty to solve events there.

Resident Evil series once deviated from its original style in the 5th and 6th games. From a survival horror game with puzzle-solving and shooting elements to a complete shooting and action game. A lot of players are dissatisfied with the changes, especially those who had played the first four Resident Evil games. But gladly the developers find the former way of this series again. Resident Evil 7 did very well and bring players back to the classic survival horror game age.

Although Resident Evil 7 is famous for its high quality as a horror game, there is another thing players need. Resident Evil series has a main plot for all same-named games, but in the 7th game, there are few clues for players to guess what happened between the 7th and 8th RE. Fortunately, it seems Resident Evil players can have an answer in Resident Evil 8. The hero Chris showed up in the trailer videos and screenshots, who’s also the protagonist of former series games. He might be one of the most popular characters of the whole series. Players witnessed all the progress of how he evolved into a hero fighting against the zombie virus. And in Resident Evil 8, he will become the reason why the new protagonist should go to the dangerous village.

Tokyo Game Show 2020 online will begin in 9.27.2020. And CAPCOM says more information about Resident Evil 8 will be revealed during the live stream on TGS.

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