After waiting for a total of 3 years, Hades finally comes to 1.0 version. In this 1.0 version update patch, Supergiant Games made a lot of changes, fixes, and new things in game.

One of the most important updates is the true ending of our Prince’s seeking on his mother. It’s good to see the main story finally has the ending scene although it’s kind of short. This ending may no be perfect, but it’s definitely satisfying for players who have waited for such a long time. Meanwhile, other characters’ stories are also expanded to fit the completed main plot. Different characters have different attitudes about the prince finding his real mother.

Besides the story updates, Supergiant Games also brought Hades the new hidden aspect of weapon Twin Fist. It’s my favorite weapon in the game, fast attack, and high DPS. And they didn’t forget to increase the late-game contents. Now we have more extreme measures to improve difficulty, and more expensive decoration themes available in character Contractor.

Hades is a hack and slash dungeon rogue-lite game developed by Supergiant Games. It combines some highlight features of other classic video games from Supergiant Games. The fast-paced combats in Bastion, the colorful environment, and the detailed story in Transistor, and the storyline which advances along with the characters in Pyre. In Hades, you will play as the immortal prince of the underworld, and wield various weapons full of supernatural power from Olympus, break free from the death chasing behind. Become stronger after every escape journeys, and open more wonderful stories about other impressive characters in the game.

You can know more about Hades in my review.

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