The latest journal interview for Final Fantasy developers has revealed more details about the coming Final Fantasy XVI.

According to the content from the interview, the main character is a knight who has sworm to protect his little brother at all cost. As a traditional classic background setting, the world of Final Fantasy XVI is also based on the crystal. All human lives depend on the crystal, and there are endless conflictions and wars around the “Mother Crystal”.

It can also be found that the little brother Joshua has the power to heal wounds with fire, which is the reason why he was called Phoenix. On the other hand, the symbol image of Final Fantasy XVI is combined with both Phoenix and Ifrit. Besides these two famous summonable creatures in the Final Fantasy series, they also confirmed that more summonable creatures would show up in Final Fantasy XVI, including Titan and Siva, other classic elements also have chances to be added.

In the controversial Final Fantasy XV, the total style is a combination of the modern technology world and medieval magic world. It was quite charming actually, and some other previous Final Fantasy did the same, like XIII and VII. However, in Final Fantasy XVI, it becomes a “purer” old-school magical fantasy through the first trailer. It doesn’t mean a great change in the basic game series style, on the contrary, it’s the same as the first Final Fantasy games years ago. It’s a retro, not a revolution.

Final Fantasy XVI is developed by Squre Enix and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The acurate release date is not confirmed yet, the game is expected to launch firstly on Playstation 5.

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