The long-awaited remake version of the PS3 classic, Demon’s Souls Remake released a new demo on the PS5 press conference. The demo is a short walkthrough of the beginning stage in the original Demon’s Souls.

According to the video, the most significant evolution in Demon’s Souls Remake is exactly the graphics. It’s also one of the most important reasons why it’s a Remake rather than Remastered. The entire color style also changed due to better graphic technology. But some of the original Demon’s Souls players don’t like this change. They think the original dark, grey, and gloomy atmosphere is the spirit. Yes, indeed, the original style has its own special charm, and it’s the base of the whole Souls series games. But that doesn’t mean Demon’s Souls Remake has to be the exact same as its former one. After all, high graphics are never the highlight point of Souls series, the charming things are combats, plots, explorations, and so on.

In the video, we can also see that they didn’t change some basic things like combats and the character motions. These aspects were left almost untouched in the game, they migh be able to remind those players who still remember how it feels when playing the original Demon’s Souls.

The studio working on the remake version is the Blue Point, the same as Shadow of Colossus. They are a group of experienced developers who are good at refresh old games, and they have proved themselves with some high quality remastered or remake games. In other words, we can count on them and wait for the brand new Demon’s Souls Remake in modern generation.

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